SPEED reduction measures on two West Fife roads are to be looked at after ongoing concerns over safety.

Members of the City of Dunfermline area committee were told that residents were "living in fear" because of cars travelling too fast near their properties.

Dunfermline Central councillor Aude Boubaker-Calder had asked for a report to be produced looking at reducing the speed limit on the A994 between Crossford and Cairneyhill from 60mph to 40 mph.

The committee then agreed to also look at Kingseat Road after Dunfermline North councillor Auxi Barrera told of families "gambling with their lives" because of vehicles speeding past their homes.

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Cllr Boubaker-Calder, who represents Dunfermline Central, said residents of Crossford and Cairneyhill have been concerned about speeding drivers on the A994 between the two villages for years.

"It has been something I have been raising several times with officers and it is time that we are getting some report on what action can be done for reducing the speed," she said.

"The speed between Dunfermline and Crossford is a 40mph and there is a significant amount of space between the two villages of Crossford and Cairneyhill and I don't see why that speed limit cannot be brought down.

"I am requesting a report be brought back to the committee to consider reducing the speed limit to 40mph to at least try to reduce the speed round there and the number of accidents."

Cllr Barrera said Kingseat Road residents were "very concerned" about speeding vehicles, telling committee members that families feel unsafe when leaving their properties.

"We have a four year old child and a dog and it feels dangerous even to walk along the pavement with them – this is a statement from a resident of Kingseat Road.

"Another resident said every time I park or leave the property, I am gambling with my family's life due to the speed of the traffic.

"Kingseat Road is used as a rat run and while the average speed is in the high 30s, many cars have been found to be going over 60mph."

Cllr Barrera said the issue has been raised previously and measures such as bollards in the middle of the road have been implemented but have not quelled the issue.

"One of the residents mentioned she is now suffering from anxiety and one of her neighbour's brothers almost lost his life when a car sped over the blind summit and slammed into his parked car," she added.

"It is not fair to live in fear. No-one wants to live in fear like that. No-one wants to raise their child being fearful of going out of the property. Let's do the right thing for these residents."

The committee agreed that a report would be requested and return to them at a future date.