A ROSYTH woman “lost the plot” and shouted and threatened a female neighbour.

Cheryl Little, 41, of Sherbrooke Road, ranted that she would “f****** smash her” and “She’s getting it”.

Little appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court and admitted that on 6th January at her home she shouted, swore, struck walls and made threats of violence towards a female.

Depute fiscal Katie Adams said the neighbour who was targeted by Little is “bedbound due to paralysis”.

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The neighbour had been visited by a woman from 7am to 11am. This visitor heard shouting and swearing coming from Little’s home when she arrived and it was still going on when she left.

As a result of this, the woman contacted the police.

When officers arrived, Little started shouting: “I’m going to f****** smash her. She’s getting it.

“I’m going to go right through that wall. You better lift me or I’m going next door.”

Her behaviour resulted in Little being arrested.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said: “It’s an on-going neighbour dispute. She lives with her three children and her neighbour lives on her own.

“There have been numerous complaints made by the neighbour.”

Mr Flett added that his client “feels she’s been harassed by her neighbour for years”.

“When the police spoke to her, she admits she lost the plot.”

Sheriff Garry Sutherland deferred sentencing for good behaviour until 1st May.