Forth Hedgehog Hospital are currently caring for a hedgehog who was tangled up in a dog waste bag.

A member of the public brought the little hedgehog to the hospital on February 7. The animal was tangled up in an empty plastic dog waste bag and was covered in ticks.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, who runs the hospital, said: “She was in a bad state, she’s pretty skinny and underweight.

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“She’s got perkier now, she’s eating really well so that’s good. She might need some antibiotics, and maybe some worming treatment as well, so she’ll get that. She’s in a brooder at the moment to keep her warm because she is so thin, she needs to be kept like really, really warm.”

At the moment Nadia does not know how long the hedgehog will be at the hospital, but the worming treatment alone will take about three weeks.

Litter can have a devastating impact on hedgehogs, as they can get body parts stuck in tins, plastic bags, and empty yoghurt tubs.

Nadia commented: "A good way to make sure none of your litter causes harm to a hedgehog is to dispose of it and to make sure you cut up any plastic rings, to prevent hogs getting stuck in them.

“The environment’s bad enough as it is and people just don’t help matters by dropping stuff.”