Residents of the three tower blocks on Broomhead Drive have been advised that their bin chutes will be closing next month.

Locals received a letter which announced the chutes would be closing on March 31. It also stated that the doors on all of the bin stores would also be permanently closed from that date.

There will be new recycle bins for paper, plastic, and household waste at the back of all the blocks.

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Fife Council said the changes had been discussed with Dunfermline Broomhead Tenants and Residents Association (TRA).

Lynne Johnston, housing manager, said: "The bin chutes at Broomhead Drive are the original chutes that were installed when the flats were built and they have come to the end of their lifespan. We consulted with the TRA who were in favour of our proposals to close the chutes and instead offer a more sustainable waste management system.

"We're pleased to now be in the process of creating areas with multiple bins for recycling and will be attending the next TRA meeting to talk to residents about their new bin system which will move them from a single waste collection to one that will allow them to recycle more."

There will be a tenants and residents meetings on Tuesday, February 20, at 2pm, when there will be a guest speaker to answer any questions. This will be held in the Community Flat at Number 49 Broomhead Drive.