SCOTTISH Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) responded to reports of smoke at a Dunfermline primary school at the weekend. 

SFRS dispatched two fire appliances to Touch Primary on Saturday, February 10, but thankfully, it was a false alarm and there were no signs of fire or smoke at the scene. 

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson told the Press: “We were alerted at 6.42pm on Saturday, 10 February, to reports of smoke emitting from a vent within a school building at Garvock Bank, Dunfermline.

“Operations Control mobilised two fire appliances to the scene.

“Firefighters checked the area and established no signs of smoke or fire.

“Crews left the scene after ensuring the area was safe.”

To alert parents and carers that this was a false alarm, a mass text was sent out on the Seesaw app. 

In a text to parents on Saturday evening, Mrs Miller, headteacher at the school, said: "There is no fire at the school. This was a false alarm caused by steam from the boiler room."