A Cairneyhill Primary School girl may well be the youngest radio presenter in Scotland.

Nine-year-old Eilidh Moss has been entertaining audiences with her hour every Sunday on Chief FM, a community station based in Leith.

Eilidh’s Dad Andrew volunteers for the station and he explained how Eilidh ended up getting involved.

Andrew said: “I do it from home, just with a laptop and a microphone and Eilidh had watched me and helped with a couple of shows over Christmas.

“Kirsty Baird, who runs the station then asked how Eilidh would feel about having her own show and, of course, she jumped at the chance.

"She had said to me that she just had the idea and felt she had to run with it, and it’s worked because it’s been really popular.”

Andrew added: “A lot of her friends have been listening. We have been receiving a lot of requests from her pals at her swimming club as well. I think she’s really liked sharing their music and showing them a lot of the music that she likes.”

Some of Eilidh’s favourites to play are Callum Beattie, Amy MacDonald, and the Foo Fighters. There are also plenty tracks from some of her favourite films, so there’s definitely something for all the family.

Andrew is proud of Eilidh taking on the challenge, adding: “She’s brilliant. Obviously, I help with the technical side, but she speaks so well and so clearly. Everyone has commented to say how she comes across very natural.

“There’s a big age range when it comes to listeners, and I think it’s nice break to hear things from a child’s perspective. She can talk about what she’s been up to and what she’s been learning through the week, which I think is nice and light-hearted for them.”

Chief Radio is available at www.chiefradio.com or by downloading the Chief Radio App. Eilidh’s hour is on every Sunday at noon.