THE closure of a main route through Charlestown proved frustrating for villagers as they said little or no work was carried out.

Councillor Brian Goodall said West Road was shut over the weekend but a lack of communication meant locals were left in the dark as to why.

He said: "Something as drastic as changing the flow of traffic through two villages for a whole weekend is something that should have been publicised more widely."

Cllr Goodall, who lives in the village, had posted on Facebook on Saturday (February 10) morning to inform locals that West Road was shut and added: "No sign of any work happening last night and I’ve had no notice about the closure.

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"Possibly it’s for work to fix the damaged wall at the railway bridge at Merryhill, or it could be linked to the electricity issues near The Cairns?"

Dunfermline Press: Councillor Brian Goodall said he had no notice of the road closure. Councillor Brian Goodall said he had no notice of the road closure. (Image: Fife Council)

He raised the issue at the South West Fife area committee on Wednesday and explained: "We had a road closure over the weekend in Charlestown where apparently no works seemed to be undertaken for the majority of the time.

"It created a lot of disturbance and concern in the village and very few people knew why the road had been closed.

"There was speculation it may have been to fix a damaged wall but it remains damaged so it wasn't that.

"There was speculation that it may be to do with works by Scottish Power but there's been no confirmation of that.

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"How can we improve the way we communicate road closures to the public?

"Just having it on a website somewhere is not always the best idea."

At the same meeting Cllr Goodall received an assurance that long-awaited works to fix parking problems at The Cairns are scheduled to start on February 26.

Fife Council's Lesley Craig, from the traffic management service, said: "We do the notices for public utilities and companies that want road closures but if they decide that they're not going in at the weekend and they don't tell us there's no way that we can let anyone know that's what has happened.

"If they do let us know ahead of time usually our staff will send an email to all of the relevant people."