Alex Rowley MSP has asked Fife Council to review its charging policy for using the toilet at Dunfermline Bus Station.

Currently, anyone who wants to use the toilet has to pay 30p to do so. However, to use the toilets at Halbeath Park and Rise is free. It is also free in Edinburgh City Bus Station, and Perth and Aberdeen bus stations.

Alex Rowley, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, wrote to Ken Gourlay, chief executive at Fife Council, and Cllr David Ross, leader of Fife Council, asking for the policy to be reviewed.

In his letter, Mr Rowley stated: "The stats show that elderly people use the buses and people low incomes use the buses.

"So you are putting a charge on people who are older and who may need to use the toilet a bit more when travelling from the towns and villages into the city bus station, and then you are charging the low paid and people on low incomes.

"Hardly a policy to encourage people to travel into the city of Dunfermline when surrounding cities do not charge for such an essential service."

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Tony McRae, service manager passenger transport, said: "The 30p admission fee to use the toilets at Fife Council operated bus stations, including Dunfermline Bus Station, has been in place for a number of years. The income generated is used to help cover the costs of cleaning and maintaining the facilities. Access to the disabled toilets is free.

"Alex Rowley MSP has asked that we consider reviewing the charging policy and this is something we will investigate further."

Cllr David Ross, Leader of Fife Council, added: "I have met Alex Rowley and this is something we are going to ask officer to investigate further and review."