The burns system in Townhill Woods has been gutted after residents reported issues of flooding and sodden ground.

People living in Robert Wilson Grove and Wilson Street reported these issues, and about two weeks ago Cllr Gavin Ellis, of the Dunfermline North ward, met senior officers from the parks team to look at the debris that had built up in the burns system.

Cllr Gavin Ellis said that the flooding has been an issue for “probably about the last three or four years, it’s progressively got worse. It has been on and off for longer than that.”

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Works to clear out the burns and to increase the capacity of them to prevent future flooding were supposed to take place in April, but the burn has already been gutted and a new burn put in by the Council's Open Spaces Team.

Cllr Ellis commented: “My thanks go out to Stephen Duffy and the team, they are excellent.”

Now that the burns have been gutted, Cllr Ellis thinks that “as long as the burns are maintained” it shouldn’t flood again.