A DUNFERMLINE-based theatre group is celebrating a successful run of performances. 

The Dunfermline Gilbert and Sullivan Society (DGASS) garnered great reviews from their audience members last week for their performance of Iolanthe. 

DGASS publicity manager, Clare White, told the Press: "It was an excellent run, everybody loved it and we got really good feedback from people who enjoyed it, and appreciated that we had used a slightly different setting for it.  

"There was a different vibe to it, it was quite a fresh and interesting and a fun way of looking at it, which everybody seemed to appreciate."

The story follows the fairy Iolanthe who has committed the terrible crime of marrying a mortal. She has a son, who is half-fairy, and when he too wants to marry a mortal, Iolanthe decides to fight to change the law. 

First performed in 1882, the DGASS updated the script a little to allow the audience to laugh along and immerse themselves fully in the production, and dancers from the Dance Bank added an extra special touch to the show.

Clare continued: "It seems that the people watching it understood the concept and loved the set because it looked like a village hall and we changed some of the words to make it much more contemporary.

"The dancers were spectacular, they came from the Dance Bank studio, and we loved the fact that they participated in it and it brought a really different vibe to it.  

"I think everybody enjoyed it and they understood it and they bought into it."

The show ran ran for three nights at Carnegie Hall, and there was also a Saturday matinee, and all performances received a good turnout. 

Clare added: "We had really good audiences on Friday night and the Saturday matinee, and a good audience on Thursday night. Saturday night is always our quietest night but we had lovely audience reactions and that’s what matters to us."