PLANS for a large solar farm on sheep grazing land between Crossgates and Aberdour have been approved by Fife Council.  

Greentech Project Holdings got the go-ahead for the project, on a 30 hectare site next to Goat Quarry, off Mill Farm Road, at the west and central planning committee on Wednesday. 

Developers say the Billsbrae Solar Farm will include battery energy storage systems and generate energy for the national grid. 

It’s all part of the national shift towards green energy and will contribute to Scotland’s net-zero climate ambitions.

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“Billsbrae Solar Farm is an opportunity to provide up to 30 MW of low carbon renewable energy in an appropriate location, whilst enhancing habitats and creating a better, more sustainable use for land that is otherwise not going to be utilised in any significant manner,” a planning statement argued. 

“The estimated number of homes that could be powered by the development across Fife stands at approximately 7,700.”

Hedges and trees will be planted around the perimeter of the solar farm and they'll also implement a grazing licence so that the land can still be used for sheep grazing or poultry. 

“As such, a form of agriculture would continue alongside the development,” Greentech explained. 

“It represents an opportunity for the use of the land to be significantly enhanced with it currently serving little purpose other than for livestock grazing or low value feed crops.” 

Construction of the solar farm will take approximately six months.