THE drawing up of a road accident reduction plan for a West Fife accident hot spot has been welcomed.

Councillor David Barratt had previously expressed concerns about the number of crashes taking place on the B981 near Inverkeithing and called for safety measures to be put in place.

He said more than 20 crashes have taken place on the route since he was elected as a councillor in 2017 and hopes the council will come up with a way of improving safety.

"They (accidents) just keep happening," he said. "There was another car which completely flipped over last week and the week prior to that, there was another one virtually in the same spot.

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"A Road Accident Reduction Plan is being prepared and is at a design stage. The scope will look at provide warning signs/black and white chevron signs or other similar measures as part of that project.

"It will also be looking at the road surface itself to investigate if any surface treatment would be appropriate.

"It has been needed for a while and obviously the repeated accidents and increasing frequency has triggered the council prioritising it a bit more than it had been before. Hopefully that will being about some positive change.

"Ultimately people will need to slow down. One person had commented about one of the recent ones that they were not speeding and there was oil on the road so there was more to that.

"Additional measures will help reduce these accidents."

Last month, Fife Council service manager Sara Wilson confirmed to the Press that they were looking at options for the road.

"The B981 will form part of the ongoing implementation of Route Accident Reduction Plans (RARPs) on the Council A & B Class rural road network," she said.

"The RARPs are an in-depth review of each route, the recorded accidents (causes, times, road/weather conditions) and current condition of the road including signs/lines. We have plans to introduce a RARP scheme in the new financial year."