WORKS are finally underway on a £60,000 solution to long-standing parking problems in Charlestown.

Previously there were delays as Fife Council were too busy filling potholes but they are now on site at The Cairns after years of complaints from residents.

The job should take around four weeks and involves moving an area of grass to create 16 extra spaces.

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On Thursday, Councillor Brian Goodall said: "Years after local residents first raised the issue and 18 months after I was able to help pull together the full funding package, the work on the additional parking bays at The Cairns in Charlestown has started this morning.

Dunfermline Press: Work began at The Cairns in Charlestown on Thursday March 14. Work began at The Cairns in Charlestown on Thursday March 14. (Image: Cllr Brian Goodall)

"And despite this terrible weather the team have already made a great start on the project."

Cars parked along the semi-circular street have long been an issue and can make it difficult for larger vehicles, such as emergency services or trucks with online shopping, to access the street.

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A petition signed by 28 locals called on the council to take action and in February 2022 two options were drawn up, and the suggestion was floated that residents may have to pay towards a solution.

That was later ruled out, with the local authority picking up the full cost of the preferred cheaper option, which rose from £45,000 to just under £60,000 by October 2022.

Work was due to start last March and then October but both times it was postponed as the council was "still committing large amounts of resources to road repairs and maintaining the road network".

With patience wearing ever thinner, residents were told the job would start on February 12, then February 26 before finally getting underway on March 14.