A fresh call to reinstate a direct ferry link from West Fife to Europe has been made in the UK Parliament.

Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath MP Neale Hanvey asked UK Transport Minister, Huw Merriman MP, if he would make an assessment of the "potential merits" of creating new direct services to mainland Europe.

He said such a link would reduce HGV carbon emissions and road congestion, improve export resilience and deliver economic opportunity to Scotland.

“Industry agrees and ferry operators stand ready to deliver a route but the Scottish Government lack the courage to support ‘Project Brave’," he said in Parliament.

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“Given the benefits would be felt across the UK what can be done to encourage the Scottish Government to invest a modest amount of pump prime funding to realise the economic benefit and environmental benefit for all.”

Responding, Mr Merriman said that they didn't intend to carry out any assessment.

He continued: "In the UK Government, we see the UK ferry sector as a commercial market and do not subsidise. It is a devolved matter. It is the responsibility of the devolved government.”

Following his exchange with the Transport Minister, Mr Hanvey, who is Alba's Westminster leader, said the case for reinstating a direct ferry link to Europe was "unassailable" and had widespread support across Fife.

“The lack of action by the Scottish Government is compounded by the lack of strategic vision and short sightedness shown by the UK Government," he said.

"What good is it for passengers and businesses in Fife for the Transport Minister to crow about five new ferry services to Europe since 2021 when not a single one of these is from Scotland?

“While Transport is devolved to the Scottish Parliament, re-instating a direct ferry link would deliver tangible environmental and economic benefits across the whole of the UK, easing road congestion south of the border and reducing carbon emissions.

"It is for these reasons that the UK Government should be encouraging the Scottish Government to provide the pump prime funding to get this route up and running.

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“I am determined to continue my campaign until this service for passengers and freight is back up and running and I will continue to work with others in the business community and in Parliament to press both the Scottish and UK governments to take the necessary action to make this happen.”

Hopes of bringing back a Rosyth ferry link were dashed earlier this year when those behind 'Project Brave' citing the lack of financial support from the Scottish and UK governments as the reason for the plans sinking.

It had been hoped the new route, from West Fife to Dunkirk in Fife, could have set sail in May but ferry operator DFDS stated the that date was "no longer feasible" and that "no further progress can be made".

In an email, the company blamed a lack of "commitment" from Holyrood and Westminster and said it made their business case for the route less viable.