A Kincardine man was repeatedly punched after finding a stranger in his home in the early hours of the morning.

The victim’s young son went to his aid during the “terrifying” attack at 2.30am.

The assailant was 49-year-old Gregor Stenhouse, who could later offer no explanation for his actions other than he was an alcoholic who had fallen off the wagon.

Stenhouse, of Toll Road, Kincardine, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

He admitted a string of offences committed on January 6 at an address in Kincardine.

He entered a property uninvited, entered a bedroom uninvited, repeatedly refused to leave, shouted, swore and acted in an aggressive manner.

He assaulted a man by repeatedly punching him on the head to his injury.

Stenhouse then resisted police officers, refused to stand up, tensed his arms and struggled. He was also found to be in possession of cocaine.

Depute fiscal Brogan Moffat said the man woke up to find Stenhouse, a stranger, in his bedroom. The shocked man got up and went downstairs followed by Stenhouse, asking him what he was doing in the house.

The man repeatedly told Stenhouse to leave but he would not do so.

The man’s 13-year-old son heard the commotion and got up out of bed to see what was happening.

Stenhouse then began punching the man and the child stood in between them trying to protect his dad.

Stenhouse continued to punch the victim, causing his nose to bleed.

The court was told Stenhouse is a recovering alcoholic who had a relapse but could not explain his behaviour on that night.

Sheriff Susan Duff said: “This no doubt was a terrifying incident for this man and his 13-year-old son.”

She imposed a community payback order with 182 hours of unpaid work.