CONCERNS have been raised that Dunfermline's night time economy is being targeted by Fife Council traffic warden.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alex Rowley said several constituents have contacted him over bookings of cars – and a tour bus dropping off performers at the Alhambra Theatre – at around 8pm.

He has now written to council chief Ken Gourlay asking for answers on their behalf.

"I think the question they are asking is was this evening show targeted by the traffic wardens and is this a new policy where the night-time economy is to be targeted," he wrote.

"The view being you cannot find traffic wardens during the day in most towns but they are out at 8pm in the evening. Can you confirm is it the case that the night time economy is being targeted and are staff shifts changed to now do the evenings or was this overtime.

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"I understand that Fife does not intend to implement the powers it has to stop pavement parking one of the reasons being how would you enforce it.

"So, the question would be what is the priority for parking wardens?"

Fife Council's Lead Consultant for Car Parking Strategy and Operations, Andy Paterson, confirmed patrols could take place at any time.

"Evening patrols are less common, but parking attendants do carry them out occasionally," he said.

"This is part of their regular duties and patrols can happen anywhere across Fife, especially when concerns are raised with us.

"There are parking restrictions in place adjacent to the Alhambra in Canmore Street and New Row and some of these are in effect at all times. Parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time and there is also a loading bay in New Row that has a 24-hour restriction in place.

"There is no record of a tour bus being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice at the Alhambra Theatre during an evening patrol."

Mr Paterson said the new pavement parking regulations were part of the Transport Scotland Act (2019)'s secondary legislation to allow enforcement.

"Like all Councils in Scotland, Fife Council has been identifying areas where an exemption to the new regulations may be needed," he added.

"Until these exemptions are approved and subsequently signed and lined, Fife Council Parking Attendants will not be able to enforce the new rules."