A CAIRNEYHILL resident has revealed that she and her neighbours are "frustrated" at the numerous potholes on their street. 

The Brandy Riggs resident, who wished to remain anonymous, has said the state of the street is a "disgrace" and she believes there to be around 30 potholes in the road. 

While patchwork continues to be carried out, she feels it's not enough to repair the damage.

Dunfermline Press: Brandy Riggs in Cairneyhill

She told the Press: "They've patched it so many times, they’re there and they're gone within no time.

"But they’ve patched it that badly that the stone that goes into the tar when they patch the hole is all over the pavements, all up the side of the kerbs.

"You’re not only having to deal with the potholes, but now you’ve got stones flying about everywhere.  

"The roads are in a terrible state. Something has to be done. It's a residential area and I know of two people whose tyres have been burst.

"I mean, I have to laugh, where the bus stop for the service that goes to Dunfermline, there’s a sign above it that says ‘best-kept village’! The bus stop is a disgrace, there's not any glass in it or panelling, and the roads are a disgrace. It’s very frustrating."

She believes the best course of action to fix what she has heard dubbed 'Pothole Alley' is to completely resurface the road. 

"I was speaking to a council worker who was doing a job and he said that they call the street ‘Pothole Alley’," she revealed. "He doesn't work for the roads service, but he was saying it was one of the worst streets.  

"The councillors are saying that we will probably get a patchwork of 100 sq metres by the end of April but still no resurfacing."

Dunfermline Press: Brandy Riggs in Cairneyhill

The problems experienced by residents in Brandy Riggs are shared by others elsewhere.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, MSP for Dunfermline and West Fife, says she has been "inundated" with emails and messages from constituents complaining about potholes in nearly every part of her constituency.

She said: "Potholes have sadly become a regular feature across Dunfermline and West Fife and it is a real concern.

"Our local roads are crumbling and it is vital we see the Council working much quicker to properly fix them, with no more inefficient, short-term patching jobs.

"This is not about politics - it is about the safety and well-being of our community.

"Hazardous road conditions not only increase the risk of accidents and damage to vehicles but also create accessibility challenges for those individuals with disabilities.

"If the local authority would like any examples of 'problem potholes' then my inbox is currently full of constituents sick and tired of their daily commute becoming more like an obstacle course."