A CONCERNED resident has warned motorists of an apparent fuel spill on roads in Dunfermline. 

Drivers have reported what appears to be a diesel spill on Dunlin Drive, Linburn Road and Woodmill Road, causing a number of vehicles to spin.

Ahad, who lives in the city, was driving along Woodmill Road, when he hit a slick patch on the road and struggled to stop his car. 

He told the Press: "On the road, it's very bad. I used my breaks but it didn't work."

Ahad saw around five cars struggling on the spill and slipping off the road at around 12:15pm this afternoon (Wednesday). 

An another concerned motorist took to Fife Jammer Locations to warn: "Diesel/petrol all over Dunlin Drive, Dunfermline. My car did a 360 and my breaks wouldn’t stop my car."

Another reported the line of fuel seemed to follow the bus route going up Pittsburgh Road at the roundabout