A Dunfermline man spent the night with a female friend then stole her bank card the next morning.

Jason MacDonald used the card to buy booze worth almost £140 and threatened the woman not to contact the police when she discovered the theft.

MacDonald, 36, of Broomhead Drive, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court by video-link from prison to be sentenced.

He previously admitted that on January 15 at his home he stole a card belonging to a female. He then sent text and voice messages to her in which he made threats towards her.

At the Day to Day store, Pilmuir Street, he used the stolen card to obtain goods worth £138.89 by fraud.

The court was told that MacDonald and the woman had been friends for 10 months and had gone out socialising a handful of times. She had attended his home on this occasion and stayed the night.

When she woke up MacDonald had left the flat. He later returned asking if she wanted to spend the day with him, but she decided to leave. When she got home, she found her card was missing from her bag.

On checking her banking app, she saw that four transactions had been made from her account that morning, totalling £138.89. She messaged MacDonald saying she was going to contact the police.

He responded by reminding her he knew her address, which she took to be a threat. She then Googled him and found he had previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison previously told the court: “He calls it on/off relationship. He had taken the card having used it before with her permission.

“However, on this occasion he ended up in the company of others and the bulk of the money, if not all, was spent on alcohol.”

At a previous hearing, Sheriff Grant McCulloch told MacDonald: “You’re just a chancer. You took the card and blew the money.”

On that occasion, sentencing had been deferred for MacDonald to pay back the money but he is now in jail for other matters.

Sheriff Krista Johnston told MacDonald: “You have an appalling record and this was a disgraceful way to behave towards someone who was supposed to be your friend.”

She jailed him for 21 weeks.