AN "absolutely huge" pothole on Dunfermline's Turnstone Road has now been repaired but not before it cost one motorist £150 in repairs. 

Lori Watson was turning into the Tesco Extra car park at Duloch when she spotted the crater on the roundabout, but just too late to avoid running into it. 

She said her back wheel was caught in the hole and "instantly shredded". 

Now she is having to pay £120 for a new wheel and £30 to get the wheel alignment redone, leaving her fuming and out of pocket. 

Dunfermline Press: The damage done to Lori's back wheel.

Lori told the Press: "I was on my way to work, going to fill up at the petrol station and I saw it, obviously because it's absolutely huge, and tried to avoid it. I must have been going less than 10 miles an hour but I clipped my back tyre and it blew out straight away.

"Even if you do try to swerve, inevitably you do hit it, like me.

"[The tyre] is getting replaced on Thursday and then I need to get the alignment done on the car again as well.  

"The tyre is £120 and the alignment is £30 but that’s a budget tyre, that’s the lowest that I could get for my make of car. It’s really annoying."

The incident happened on Friday April 19 and she apparently isn't the only one who has ended up with a blown tyre because of this specific pothole.

Lori took to Facebook's Dunfermline Billboard page to see if anyone else had suffered the same fate as her. 

She continued: "I actually went and looked on the Fife Council site because after I put it up on the billboard loads of people were saying ‘I hit it last week, I've done the exact same thing’ and they’ve had to get their tyres replaced too.

"It was reported on April 12, that’s when it was uploaded to the site and it’s got spray paint around it but how long does it take to fill a pothole, especially when it’s that size?  

"There are loads of other potholes in Dunfermline, the roads are absolutely shocking."

While Lori can appeal for compensation from Fife Council, she isn't hopeful that she will get her money back. 

Last April the Press reported that just 13 claims out of nearly 350 made to the local authority for pothole damage the previous year had been successful and Lori feels that this year won't be much different. 

She added: "I’m going to try and claim it back but I'm not holding my breath."

The council have confirmed that the pothole was repaired on Sunday.