A Saline man has conducted two surveys of the local road network to highlight the damage potholes can cause.

Fraser MacCallum has also prepared a report of his findings which he has passed to Fife Council’s chief executive, Ken Gourlay.

Fraser's car got a puncture back in January as a result of a pothole, and he tried to claim reimbursement for it through the council’s website - which he described as “a waste of time.”

“I am expected to keep my car fit for the roads, the roads should be fit for my car," he told the Press.

Fraser said that his survey covered the six roads that come in and out of Saline, and that he recorded 224 potholes, 57 of which he believed to be very dangerous.

As an ex-police officer, he said that he was “well aware of the dangers of a pothole on a 60 miles per hour road".

He continued: “Only one person can report one pothole, so 100 people can damage their car on one pothole but Fife Council, unless they get a claim, won’t know because you can’t report the same pothole.

“I think it will take probably a serious accident that’s proven to be from a pothole before Fife Council do anything.

“At some point somebody is going to get seriously injured.”

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Fraser explained that some of the craters were reported nine or ten months ago, but have yet to be fixed.

He added: “If somebody was to drive down Oakley Road they would be mortified.”

Sara Wilson, the council's roads network management service manager, said: "There are over 2,500km of roads in Fife that we need to keep in a safe condition, and our teams have to work on a priority basis. That means concentrating on the highest risk areas first.

“We have robust processes in place for checking the road network and we welcome reports from the public at www.fife.gov.uk as these can help us identify and repair high priority safety defects that can form quickly in between inspections.

"We'll review the report and arrange inspections for anything we're not already aware of or anything that appears to have become more serious."