A 13-YEAR-OLD boy has been charged after a fire at an abandoned building in Dunfermline last night (Tuesday). 

Flames were spotted inside the empty property on Pittencrieff Street. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed: "Around 8.40pm on Tuesday, April 24, we were called to a report of a fire at a disused building on Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline.

"A 13-year-old male youth was charged in connection with this fire and enquiries are continuing."

A former Dunfermline councillor, Garry Haldane, said he has regularly highlighted safety fears about youngsters gaining access to abandoned buildings.

He told the Press: “Once again, an incident has occurred at the abandoned Grahams Plumbers building on Pittencrieff Street. 

"Last night, the police and fire service responded to the site following reports of a fire and an explosion. Several teenagers who were in the building fled into the Glen with the police in pursuit.

“I have been reporting issues with this building for months, as it is not only a source of disturbances but also structurally unsafe due to previous fires and weather damage, posing risks.

"I recognise that teenagers often use such buildings to gather and socialise due to a lack of alternatives.

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“This challenge has been long present for local councils and emergency services. Born in the 60's, I recall how we too sought spaces away from adult supervision.” 

He added: “Teenagers tend to gravitate towards their own groups within their housing schemes, which is why localised discussions are essential. 

“Funding options do have an input into anything that is proposed but if discussions are not happening and a solution found, incidents of this nature will continue to be a problem for the emergency services, local government and nearby residents.”