DUNFERMLINE man Ryan Blackadder has been confirmed as the Scottish Green Party's candidate for the Dunfermline and Dollar UK Parliamentary seat.

The local activist, trade unionist and former railwayman was announced at a launch event in the Canmore House Bar and Restaurant last week.

He said: "People are sick of Tory austerity and want decisions taken in Westminster to truly reflect the needs of those struggling with heating and eating here in Fife.

“From Dollar to Dunfermline it's evident people want to put climate action into their day-to-day choices but frankly they can’t afford to.

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“Voting Green is no waste of a vote, it puts climate action and social justice into the conversations and future decision making of the next UK Government.

"Independence would be pointless without a liveable planet, that’s why people should vote to deliver independence for a Green Scotland.”

A long-time activist, Ryan has campaigned for full pedestrianisation of Dunfermline High Street, the creation of a city mural trail promoting local artists and the closure of Bruce Street to create our answer to European café culture – building a new social and nightlife centre.

Dunfermline Press: Ryan Blackadder who has been selected as the Scottish Green Party's candidate for Dunfermline and Dollar.Ryan Blackadder who has been selected as the Scottish Green Party's candidate for Dunfermline and Dollar. (Image: Cameron Glasgow/Scottish Greens)

He recently challenged housebuilders in the city’s eastern expansion on their plans to "install as many polluting gas boilers as possible" before a change in building regulations came in to effect.

Ryan is also keen for Dunfermline & Dollar’s next MP to commit to travelling to Westminster by train or bus.

“Our current MP can’t expect anyone to be convinced of their Green credentials when they fly to and from London every week," he said.

"With over 33 trains a day from Edinburgh Waverley to London Kings Cross, there is no excuse for flying, especially when a number of these services stop at Inverkeithing on route.”