A DUNFERMLINE pensioner and a half Portuguese / half American support worker have teamed up to release their debut rock single.

The unlikely duo of Brian Burrell, who is not ready for the "bowling club and wearing a cardigan" just yet, and Miguel De Sousa are set to record more tunes and hope to start gigging soon.

'No More War' came out on Brian's birthday - he's keeping which one to himself - last month and he told the Press: "I'm getting stopped in the shops and in the street with an awful lot of people telling me they like it.

"We're called The Burrellos, not that I'm vain or anything, it's just we couldn't come up with a name!

"Miguel and I are writing songs and creating tunes rather than playing other people's music.

Dunfermline Press: The Burrellos debut single, No More War, is available on You Tube and Spotify. Their next song, Money, will be out later this month. The Burrellos debut single, No More War, is available on You Tube and Spotify. Their next song, Money, will be out later this month. (Image: Contributed)

"I prefer something that no-one's heard before, I get satisfaction from that and folk seem to enjoy it.

"Partly I think it's because they can hear the words, too many songs now you can't make out what they're singing!"

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A love of music brought the pair together and they became firm friends.

Miguel, 30, laughed: "It's a funny thing. At times Brian will say something like 'Ah, I'm too old for this' but it doesn't last long.

"I don't see him down the bowling club and wearing a cardigan. That's not his scene!"

He continued: "I volunteered with Dunfermline Advocacy which pairs people who may be going through something or need a little help.

"We actually met during Covid, so the first couple of times it was online, and the person who paired us did so specifically as they knew we both liked music.

"We bonded over folk music, but then he showed me other stuff he'd been working on.

"So I put down the mandolin and picked up the electric guitar."

Originally from Minnesota and with Portuguese roots, Miguel lived in Dunfermline until last year when he moved to Glasgow.

He continued: "We kept in touch and now I come through so we can play and write together.

"It's mostly us as a duo. He's a singer songwriter and on lead guitar, I'm doing rhythm guitar and bass guitar."

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Their first song was recorded at Offbeat Studios in Edinburgh with Iain McKinna, who produced it and played the drums and keyboards, while his wife Kirsty supplied the backing vocals.

Miguel said: "No More War is a solid three chord rocker. It's a good one, I like his lyrics. "Brian writes a lot of topical songs, he's been watching the news like everyone else, he's got things to say and he knows his way round a hook.

"The next one is Money, which again makes sense in a cost of living crisis, and it's more stompy."

After that the duo hope to keep writing, find a permanent drummer and bassist and then go out and play some gigs.

Brian has been involved in music for much of his life, playing in a band called Benarty with accordionist Jock Mullen, an accordionist, and in the Tree Climbers ceilidh band which played at weddings and other shindigs.

He was also a roadie for John Watt, who wrote the Kelty Clippie, and became "best mates" with both men, who are sadly no longer with us.

Brian recalled: "I used to play solo too, in pubs and clubs, and I was in a covers band in the Costa del Sol for eight weeks!

"Now I'm enjoying making music with Miguel. It's giving me something to look forward to."

No More War is currently available on You Tube and Spotify and a follow-up, Money, will be out on May 31.