A DUNFERMLINE DJ will be performing at Edinburgh's Reason II Rise later this month. 

Tim Thomson, an international trance DJ/producer who has performed globally under the name Sonar Zone will be joining a multitude of talented artists at the gig on Friday, May 24. 

He told the Press: "I am really excited as we gear up to unveil the Reason II Rise label night right here in Edinburgh, in collaboration with the incredible team at Magnetic.

"With a stellar lineup of international talent, I'm thrilled to stand on home turf in the heart of the capital, rallying behind these artists and witnessing the magic unfold.

"It's not just an event; it's a celebration of music's power to unite and elevate the soul."

Promising a fusion of global talent that will bring together diverse sounds and energies of trance music under one roof, the event is one that is not to be missed. 

"We are immensely proud to showcase our talented artists at Reason II Rise Label Night in Edinburgh," said a spokesperson for Reason II Rise Music.

"Following our kick-off event in Rhenen, The Netherlands, on May 18, we eagerly anticipate the celebration of trance music in Scotland on May 24.

"As we continue to expand our reach globally, we remain committed to pushing talents that are loyal to our brand and artists that continuously release music with us.

"This ensures a consistent ground for artists to make our label their home for their ongoing releases, fostering creativity and growth within our community.”

Tickets for the gig, which will take place at Hype Club and Cocktail Lounge in Edinburgh, are on sale now. 

More information and tickets purchases can be found here.