CAMERAS were rolling in Culross again last week for filming of the Outlander prequel.

Film crews were spotted in the village with scenes reportedly being shot for 'Blood of My Blood' at Abbey House near Culross Palace.

Local resident Tim Collins confirmed the village had been busy with the return of the crews.

"They were doing the prequel to the Outlander series," he said. "They were planning to be there for a week but they got finished earlier.

"There is another film, they are calling it Peter, and that is a smaller company. They are coming next week or the week after."

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Tim, who is secretary of West Fife Community Trading Limited which was set up to complete the community buy-out of the Red Lion pub, said trade across the village tends to be unaffected when filming is taking place with an increase in visitors coming once episodes hit the screens.

"Business tends to drop off during the filming but once the film is released and the people have see it, they come; so it comes about a year down the line," he explained.

With the two-year anniversary of the buy-out coming up in July, Tim was pleased with how things have turned out so far and trade has been boosted by the addition of a micro brewery.

"Everything is going well," he added. "The guy along the road who supplied us with real ale retired at the turn of the year so we have set up a micro brewery at the pub.

"It has been in the pub for a couple of months now and we are supplying a couple of other places as well.

"It is not a big operation. It is a micro brewery. There's a team of about four or five of us that do it. Part of the deal when the guy retired was he would teach us how to do it.

"It is a unique selling point for the pub. It is good ale and we are selling it to other pubs as well. We are getting good feedback. People either drink ale or they don't and those who do, are giving us positive feedback."

The purchase of the popular Culross inn was completed in July 2022 after locals and interested parties from around the world bought up the Lion's shares through a campaign backed by Outlander star Sam Heughan, who had filmed in the royal burgh and enjoyed a drink in the bar.

The West Fife Community Trading Limited was set up as a community benefit society to raise £800,000, with the aim of ploughing the surplus income back into Culross to fund local projects.