A DUNFERMLINE mum said a new walking and cycling guide has proved a breath of fresh air for her little son Leo. 

Dionne Brady said the ideas in the index, launched in March by the charity Sustrans which aims to promote healthier and happier lifestyles, are benefitting her too.   

She said: “Walking is important to me because it can create headspace especially if I’ve had a busy day at work. As I work mostly from home, a walk on my lunch break can make me feel refreshed and energised.”

Sustrans said that, each year, walking and cycling in Dunfermline prevents 143 serious long-term health conditions and saves 1,900 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.


Dunfermline Press: Walking can be very beneficial for both Dionne and her young son, Leo. Walking can be very beneficial for both Dionne and her young son, Leo. (Image: Brian Sweeney/Sustrans)

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Dionne added: “Walking allows my son Leo and I to spend more quality time together outside of the house.

"Since before he could walk, I’d have him out in the buggy almost every day even if it was raining. This allowed him to see new things and to get used to being out and about. 

“When Leo was born he spent time in hospital as he had an infection, and I found walking helped not only my anxiety but it also gave me the chance to meet other parents. 

“Now Leo walks himself, he’s able to experience this in a completely different way. He loves being out and about!”

The pair do have a favourite walk in Dunfermline.

She said: “I’ve always taken Leo to Pittencrieff Park (or the Glen as it’s informally known as, and Leo calls it this too!). He loves playing on the swings and enjoys walking down to see the peacocks. 

“If we’re not in the Glen we’re down near the Maygate where the library is as it’s a nice place to explore and we also visit the café there too.”

You can read the full Index here.