IT'S petal power for two Dunfermline parks as they get a massive wildflower hit this Spring. 

Both Pittencrieff Park and Duloch Park were selected by the Fife Council grounds maintenance team to be "turbo-boosted" this year. 

Cllr Jan Wincott, spokesperson for environment and climate change, explained: "We want to encourage an even bigger range of wildflowers and associated species at these sites.

"To do this, we have been 'turbo-boosting' the number of wildflower species at selected meadows this year.

"The grounds maintenance team has been using a tractor-mounted overseeder to directly sow additional wildflower seeds into existing wildflower areas in Balbirnie Park, Bankie Park, Kilmany, Pittencrieff Park, Duloch Park, Beveridge Park and Tayport Common."

Across the region, the Fife Council team manages over 700,000 square metres of wildflower meadow land. 

By "turbo-boosting", a much wider range of species can grow and flower each year than in areas which are mown regularly.

In turn, it gives a lovely home to butterflies, bees, moths and more.

Cllr Wincott continued: "The UK has lost 97% of its flower-rich grassland over the past 70 years.

"This has resulted in a drastic decline of around two-thirds of pollinating insects.

"Fife is the most heavily cultivated region in Scotland so we can make a difference and give our wildlife more of a chance by changing the way we manage some of our green spaces."