A NEW partnership between NHS Fife and Fife College has been announced.

It is intended to improve education and training opportunities for people in the Kingdom and enable much greater collaboration between the two. 

It was recently signed by NHS Fife chief executive, Carol Potter, and Fife College principal, Jim Metcalfe.

Mr Metcalfe said: “Fife College is excited to deepen our collaboration with NHS Fife. This is a really ambitious new partnership agreement.

"This initiative underscores our joint commitment to expanding opportunities for our communities and ensuring a sustainable pipeline of skills for our health and care systems.

“We look forward to unlocking a wealth of new skills and opportunities which will bring benefits to staff, students and the wider region.

"Together, we are laying the groundwork for a healthier future for all residents of Fife.”

A formal, five-year partnership, the agreement aims to provide a platform for collaborative working across a range of initiatives, including the healthcare education available for current and prospective students, as well as healthcare staff.

Both institutions will also work in partnership across a range of other areas, including environmental sustainability and the mutual use of buildings and facilities.

One of the early projects being progressed through the new partnership will see Fife College and NHS Fife work collectively to improve learning opportunities for young people living in some of the Kingdom’s most deprived areas.

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Another area of particular focus will be the creation of employment and training initiatives for students, both during and after their studies. This will include the development of work placements, internships, and modern apprenticeships to help widen participation and enhance the local employment opportunities available to people in Fife.

Ms Potter added:  “This new partnership is a significant milestone for both our organisations, affirming our joint commitment to enhancing healthcare education and working to improve the health and wellbeing of the population we serve.

“Our collaboration will also extend well beyond health, providing new training and employment opportunities and enabling us to work collaboratively to address environmental and social sustainability as integral parts of our roles as anchor institutions in Fife.

“We are delighted to now formalise our already positive relationship with Fife College and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for both institutions, our staff, students, and communities across Fife.”