An injured Dunfermline man assaulted a paramedic who had been called out to help him.

Connor Bates, who had sustained a cut to his head, then kicked a police officer.

Bates, 30, of Henryson Road, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on January 28, 2022 at Blacklaw Road, Dunfermline, he assaulted a paramedic by seizing him by the body and pulling him.

He also assaulted a police constable by kicking him on the body.

Depute fiscal Alistair Brown said an ambulance had been called out to a report of a male who had apparently been injured.

Bates was “falling out against a wall and was being held up by two other people.” He had a cut to his forehead.

When he was put in the ambulance, Bates grabbed the paramedic demanding to see his ID.

He then stumbled back out of the ambulance and was lying on the road.

Police officers arrived and found that Bates was “heavily under the influence and hostile”.

He was eventually put back in the ambulance but lunged at a police officer and kicked him on the hip.

Bates’ mother then turned up and was trying to calm him down. Bates, the police, the ambulance staff and his mum then all went to the hospital.

Ahead of sentencing, defence solicitor Alexander Flett said his client was not fit to do unpaid work because of a “health issue”.

Sheriff Mark O’Hanlon imposed a restriction of liberty order for 108 days.