RECENT fly-tipping near Kelty has been branded a "blatant disregard" of the law. 

The rubbish pile, which was found by Dunfermline councillor Gordon Pryde last week, appears to be construction waste and he was worried it could have been hazardous to health. 

Sharing his concerns on Facebook, he wrote: "Yesterday I came across this appalling pile of fly-tipped rubbish on the Cleish road near the junction with the road to Kelty. It looks like it may contain asbestos-type material.

"It’s appalling that someone would dump such material indiscriminately."

Cllr Pryde reported the waste to Fife Council's safer communities team.

Team manager Dawn Jamieson said: "There's no excuse for fly-tipping, which is a blatant disregard of the law and of our outdoor environment.

"No one wants to see rubbish dumped, and it has a direct impact on the condition of our roads, parks, wildlife and communities.

"We would encourage anyone witnessing incidences of illegal dumping to report it immediately, with as much information as possible. 

"We're grateful to the people of Fife for reporting fly-tipping and urge them to keep doing so using our online form at"

In this particular instance, the rubbish was dumped on land owned by Forestry and Land Scotland. 

Andrew Clark, their regional sisitor services manager, said: “We are aware of fly-tipping issues and it’s really regrettable that some individuals are choosing to break the law in this way and create a mess for other people to clean up.

"Fly-tipping is anti-social behaviour of the worst sort. It spoils any site where it happens, can endanger wildlife, visitors and potentially watercourses and it means that we have to divert limited resources - that could be far better used elsewhere - to clearing it up.

“We would strongly urge anyone who sees activity of this sort not to challenge anyone but to report it directly to the local authority.”