An array of medieval characters are going to gather in Dunfermline to celebrate the 750th birthday of King Robert the Bruce.

One of these eccentric characters is Auld Mother Begg, a woman whose life changed completely after losing her male family members in the war.

In medieval times, a woman’s home and place in society depended on the men in her life.

Now, without them, Auld Mother Begg has been forced to live close to the land to survive.

She even collects dung to sell or barter for food or shelter.

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Mother Begg also uses skills that she learned as a young woman; making healing herbal cures, midwifery and concocting the occasional love charm.

However, these skills put her at risk of being accused of witchcraft by the King’s court.

You can hear Auld Mother Begg’s story, along with many others, at the Bruce 750 Festival.

The event takes place in Pittencrieff Park this Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 5pm, and entry is free.