THE demolition of an old bothy in Dunfermline Cemetery where a dead body was found last year has been approved.

As previously reported in the Press, listed building consent was sought for a number of outbuildings, which had been used as a drugs den, to be knocked down.

A person had previously died in the bothy.

Fife Council want to get rid of several derelict old structures, some of which are 100-years-old, in the Halbeath Road graveyard as they are a "danger to the public". 

A report explained: "The outbuildings are subject to continuing vandalism and anti-social behaviour that is combined with drug misuse.

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"This poses a danger to the public.”

It added: "Whilst the council has exercised best endeavours over many years to board up and secure the outbuildings, the measures in place are wilfully removed and continued reinstatement does not demonstrate best value.

"In addition, drug misuse results in the ongoing removal of used substances and materials that pose a public health and safety risk.

"It is therefore justified that demolition of the buildings will deliver significant benefits to the community and in the interests of public safety, that is to maintain the cemetery as a place for members of the community to safely visit and pay respects."