A CENTRAL Fife football team says it is having to find alternative venues for its last two games of the season after travellers pitched up on their current ground.

Crossgate Primrose Youth FC's 2006s side say they are unable to use their current facility on Perth Road in Cowdenbeath after a camp was set up earlier this week.

Club secretary Alex Rutherford said the same happened at the same time last year and has been left frustrated after solutions suggested then have not been carried out which has led to a repeat.

"I am in touch with Fife Council as we had the same problem last year," he said.

"They pitched up on the pitch and ruined the pitch and left nothing but mess. There were kids doing donuts in cars, they wrecked the pitch.

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"We lease that pitch from Fife Council. The club still has two games to play on the pitch and we are now having to look at alternative venues.

"We have said you need to reimburse us the additional costs to hire pitches to play the last two games."

Last year, measures such a a fence or the installation of bollards were mooted but have not yet come to fruition.

"It is frustrating," added Mr Rutherford. "There are seven vans there at the moment. It was about the same last year. They had a chicken coup and the waste was all dumped.

"Fife Council say they are going to send a couple of guys down there and offer them amenities to make sure they don't make a mess. Last year it was three weeks they were there so I am expecting the same.

"I am looking to put our 2014s team down there but we would think twice if this is what is going to happen."

Fife Council have confirmed they are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

Service manager Paul Short said: "We are aware of this unauthorised encampment and, in line with the Fife co-operation policy, we have staff making contact with the gypsy traveller families on site today to discuss the situation."