Carnock Primary School has become the first in Fife to receive a prestigious 'gold' level Reading Schools Award. 

It's from the Scottish Book Trust in recognition for their efforts in cultivating a reading culture amongst its pupils.

The small village school has just three classes and 69 children.

Mrs McCauley, class teacher, said: "The reading ambassadors and I have worked hard to keep the momentum going over the last two years to achieve our award.

The reading ambassadors at Carnock Primary School. The reading ambassadors at Carnock Primary School. (Image: Carnock PS)

"We have been on the lookout for new ways to engage the children and families and keep the discussion focussed on books we love."

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Reading is a central part of the culture of the school, and they have had a number of long-term initiatives to help promote a love of books.

This has included whole school projects, author visits, child to child recommendations, paired reading and much more.

To achieve the gold standard, Carnock had to evidence long term links with parents, local business and other schools.

They placed reading at the centre of the school community and last year worked on their wider links culminating in a Big Book Festival in their local park where authors, politicians, business representatives, education leaders and many more turned out to share their love of reading with the children.

And book recommendations from Carnock pupils can currently be viewed in Waterstones in Dunfermline.

Mrs McCauley added: "We are a very small school, but we are proud that though small, we can be mighty.

"It has been hard work but we, and the whole team at Carnock, are immensely proud to be recognised for our achievements in reading."

Reading ambassadors, Aimee, Connor and Lily (Primary 7) are delighted that their hard work has paid off. “We have very much enjoyed planning the reading events and seeing them succeed and being enjoyed by the other children.”