WEST Fifers are being invited to kick off a new hobby and give walking football a try.

The Dunfermline Walking Football Group already runs two sessions a week and is hoping to set up a third with the chance for new players to step forward.

Similar to regular football, the non contact game requires participants to walk and its popularity is growing across the country.

Allan McCullough, who runs one of the weekly sessions, is keen for more people to discover the benefits of walking football.

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"We have been playing for two or three years. We play Monday and Wednesday evenings and are looking to add another game on Friday evenings from 5pm to 6 pm with some new players.

Dunfermline Press: Dunfermline Walking Football Group are looking for new players to try the sport.Dunfermline Walking Football Group are looking for new players to try the sport. (Image: Contributed)

"We want to get as many people playing as we can. It is a great thing for people who are maybe struggling to play. It is not as much pressure, it is not as intense as normal sports.

"It's also great for mental health and the chance to make new friends. It's as much a social event as it is a sport.

"I would say that almost everyone who plays wasn't keen on it before they tried it, but they all got the bug afterwards. We have 46 people who play fairly regularly over the two days we already play."

While the game often attracts mainly the over 50s, Allan said all ages are welcome.

"As much as it is more leaning towards older people, we are not putting an age limit on it," he added. "It is walking football so you cannot run anyway and there is not any tackling. It is for men and women too.

"We just really want people to come along and try it and have a laugh."

Anyone interested can email Allan on allan.mccullough@hotmail.co.uk or fellow organiser Gary Duffy on garyduffy67@gmail.com.