A DUNFERMLINE family got more than they bargained for when they found out that their family pet had given birth to one of the UK's largest litters. 

Vanessa Allan is now running a full-time doggy daycare after her beloved Rottweiler, Raven, brought 15 bundles of unadulterated joy into the world last month. 

She told the Press: "It was such an emotional experience, seeing them all being born and my dog going through it, it was just fantastic.

Vanessa, Chris and the dogs. (Image: Dave Wardle)

"My family, my two boys and my daughter-in-law were just hands-on. My 15-year-old was there as well, just what an experience.

"I’ve never done this before, this is our first experience and the dog's first experience but she’s been absolutely amazing.

"When the first one popped out she was like ‘What is that!’ but then she started cleaning it down and then as soon as it suckled she started the labour again.

They're looking for loving homes for the pups. (Image: Dave Wardle)

"When I saw how many puppies kept coming out it was like, 'Oh my god- we need more hands!"

Despite only breeding her dog once, in the hopes of getting a small number of pups to sell to friends and family, Vanessa got extremely lucky. 

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In total, Raven had two sets of twins, eight girls and seven boys, making this a very special litter indeed. 

Chris, Vanessa's son, has been drafted in to help look after the pack.

He said"We were told it was quite common for a litter this big, to expect to lose at least a few, but we haven’t. They've all made it."

Vanessa added: "We’ve been on constant watch! We didn’t want any tragedies, it would have been so easy to get our hearts broken and that would have been devastating for us."

Proud mum Raven with her babies. (Image: Dave Wardle)

Born on May 8, the babies will be ready for the fur-ever homes on July 3. They will all be wormed, flea-treated and microchipped. 

Six of the puppies have been claimed so far, and Vanessa's priority is finding each and every one a loving family.

For inquiries, email christophergallan1994@gmail.com

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