HEIGHT restriction barriers have been installed at the Fife Leisure Park in Dunfermline. 

Located at the bottom end of the car park, adjacent to Carlton Bingo, they prevent access to any vehicles over 1.9 metres. 

The signs say the measure has been put in place to prevent HGVs and coaches using that area as the surface is "only suitable for cars and light goods vehicles".  

The signage that has been installed with the barriers. (Image: Cllr Darren Watt)

Fife councillor Darren Watt highlighted the new barriers on Facebook.

He said: "I was recently made aware of newly installed barriers at Fife Leisure Park in Dunfermline which could affect stock car visitors and participants, as well as groups visiting the area on coaches and buses.

"Having visited the area, I can reassure people this will have very little impact as the barriers are installed at the bottom end of the car park adjacent to Carlton Bingo.

"There are still hundreds of available spaces throughout, including at the Premier Inn and Crooked Glen restaurant."