THE AVIARY where the peacocks in Dunfermline's Pittencrieff Park call home has been undergoing works recently.

Back in December 2022, the aviary had a burst pipe in their storage area which led to extensive damage and caused a partial ceiling collapse in the accessible entrance way.

Carlyn Cane, one of the volunteers with the peacocks, commented: “Following the damage to the kitchen, we purchased a new one, but we were then told we were unable to have this fitted so it lay in storage for a year.

“After nearly a year of waiting for these things to be fixed, I contacted John Rodigan, Head of Building Services, who very quickly came to visit to the aviary along with Bruce Smith.

Lots of changes have been taking place in the aviary.Lots of changes have been taking place in the aviary. (Image: Carlyn Cane)

“They were shocked to discover the conditions in which we were working, with no hot water, the roof inside leaked regularly, very few electrical sockets and no heating.

"At the time of their visit, because the lighting wasn’t working properly, we were using plug in fairy lights.”

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John and Bruce have tried to make sure that the volunteers have a much better relationship with the council.

“Despite the previous lack of input, they committed to ensuring that we would have a very different relationship with Fife Council, and they have strived to make this case, with our ceiling fixed within weeks of initial contact," Carlyn said.

“Bruce, who has been supervising the project, has worked closely with Suzi, myself and Elizabeth, and has been amazing in getting so much done and we are very grateful to him, John and their team."

Most of the work has been carried out by Fife Council apprentices; fourth year joiner Aaron Gold, fourth year painter Aaron Jones, and third year painter Ross Hood, who Carlyn said: “All did exceptional work.

Most of the work has been carried out by Fife Council apprentices.Most of the work has been carried out by Fife Council apprentices. (Image: Carlyn Cane)

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“We had our kitchen fitted, they provided and installed a hot water boiler, replaced doors, built a large storage cupboard and installed heaters, but best of all, they transformed an old dingy boiler room into a wonderful office/treatment room.

“These works have presented a good learning and development opportunity for the apprentices who have included their contribution in their college portfolios.

“Having a separate treatment room means that we can treat injured or unwell birds in an area that is calm, safe and cosy, and this will help immensely."

“Our Louis who regularly needs medical attention, was the first to have a visit and it was wonderful to sit privately and treat him in the warmth and quiet," Carlyn commented.

Louis regularly needs medical attention.Louis regularly needs medical attention. (Image: Carlyn Cane)

The volunteers now hope to have some more work done in order to continue looking after the beloved birds.

Carlyn added: “We also hope to have work completed in our main hall in the forthcoming months and look forward to sitting down with John and Bruce and coming up with a plan to help maintain the aviary, improve the working conditions for the many volunteers, and ensure the sanctuary remains a community focal point for many years to come.”