WHILE some people are watering their petunias in their back gardens, a Dalgety Bay sculptor is tending to his wooden galleon ship.

Denis Carbonaro has built the impressive vessel out of recycled pieces of wood and fallen branches from near his home at Strathbeg Drive.

The 48-year-old has never looked back since leaving his full-time office job and returning to a craft he loves, and he is hoping his ever-growing garden can become a tourist attraction and expand into a dedicated sculpture site, known as ‘Bark Park’.

Denis originally appeared in the Press in 2015 after constructing a wooden woolly mammoth in his front garden, before he ventured into the arachnids to build himself a spider crawling up his house.

Originally from the Italian Sicilian countryside, the former web designer is proud of his latest sculpture.

His new galleon ship, complete with rigging and masts, is only part of a larger-scale project he’s been working tirelessly on over the past year.

He told the Press: “When working with the mammoth I enjoyed being out in the garden and the end result.

"I then moved onto the spider. I was bursting with confidence as the spider was much more complex and it was an animal in action.

“I then looked at my trees and came up with the idea of building a nest with an eagle. Eagles normally build their beautiful nests in oak trees. So I started fantasising about my trees and how I was going to make them into a nest. That took five months.

“The idea came to me that if this eagle was already creative, why not make its nest into this creative shape. And then it came to me! I can make a pirate nest!”

Denis admits he still has a way to go before the project reaches completion and he adds the eagle which he believes will be almost 30 feet high off the ground.

He said: “The main goal of the project for me is for it to look as though you could almost believe that a real eagle has made it, or some giant animal.

"It’s this paradoxical thinking I enjoy. People don’t believe it could be human-made.”

He also stressed that he welcomes visitors and offers a guided tour explaining how everything has been made in exchange for a donation to a handmade Terry Pratchett-inspired collection chest.