A DOG who was left for dead in a tip is the first in Britain to be fitted with four prosthetic legs. 

Now happy in his new home in Dalgety Bay, Dillon is still fond of humans despite being dumped in a Ukrainian rubbish tip with his four paws bound tightly by wire.

New owner Lyn Johnstone, 49, said: “Dillon has been through hell. It was 10 days before he was found by people who thought he was just an old coat until he groaned. 

“His wounds were so severe all vets in Dnipropetrovsk could do was amputate his injured limbs to save his life. 

“It’s thought that he belonged to hunters who just became annoyed at him because he’s such a big lump and just wanted to play.

“They obviously wanted to inflict as much pain as possible, leaving him in that condition, outside of a city, at the height of winter.”

A Ukrainian animal rescue centre issued a worldwide appeal for help after his ordeal.

Dog-walker Lyn responded by bringing the German wirehaired pointer all the way to West Fife to join her family of other rescue pups.

Miraculously, just over a year later, Dillon can walk, run and play like any other dog. 

Lyn continued: “When he came in November 2015 I took him to several vets to try and help his stump but they all just took one look at him and just didn’t want to know. 

“One even threatened to ring the SSPCA so I invited them to come and take a look at him.

"He climbed straight on their lap and said they would support me if I could find a vet.”

In one final attempt, Lyn took the Dillon to see vet Scott Rigg in Abderdeenshire who agreed to work on his wounds and make him some new legs which were sent from America. It has cost around £8,000 to rescue Dillon. 

Lyn added: “Scott could see that Dillon still had a fight in him. Scott saved his life.

“Dillon has certainly been my biggest challenge but he’s just so full of joy and cuddles.

"He still seems to love people and although it took him a long time to start bonding with me, I’ve noticed in the last few months he’s realised he belongs somewhere now.

"I couldn’t be without him any more that’s for sure.

“I would encourage anyone wanting to rehome a dog to visit their local rescue centre.”

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