REPRESENTATIVES from Virgin Media have agreed to attend a meeting in Dalgety Bay to discuss concerns raised while new internet cables are being put in place.

Local councillor Lesley Laird said she had been approached by several residents who had complaints about the quality of the work, errors and inconvenience caused during recent works.

“As a statutory undertaker, Virgin Media can dig up the street but what is of concern is the number of issues that are emerging in how they are going about doing that job,” explained Cllr Laird.

“Given this programme is going to roll out for some time, I have now asked council officers to invite Virgin Media to our next ward meeting in April as we need to get a better understanding of why these issues have arisen and what steps Virgin Media are now taking to ensure that these issues are resolved, and that there is no reoccurance elsewhere.

“We also need to ensure that we have an overall picture of the concerns so I would ask anyone who is having difficulties to get in touch.”

Longhill Gardens resident David Jamieson said workmen had been working in his street for around three months.

“It resulted in them digging up the pavement immediately outside my property on four occasions,” he said. 

“During the four occasions, they managed to cut the telephone cable so I had to get BT to come and fix it which resulted in no internet connection and that took three days to resolve.

“They then cut the cable for the street lighting which the council had to repair. 

"Then, a week past Saturday, I went to run a bath and had sludge coming out of my tap. I contacted Scottish Water and it turns out because Virgin Media have been working in this area for quite some considerable time, the machinery and vibration has disturbed the sediment at the bottom of the pipe.

“It’s ironic really as I am in favour of technology and getting better broadband speeds and giving BT some competition but I am not in favour of all the torture that it may start.”

A spokesperson for Virgin Media confirmed representatives would be attending next month’s meeting.

The spokesperson said: “Virgin Media is currently expanding its network in Dalgety Bay to bring ultrafast broadband speeds to more homes and businesses in the area. 

"We apologise to the local residents for any inconvenience.”