ARMED youths brandishing a steel bar threatened staff at a Dalgety Bay business in broad daylight.

Customers and staff were going about their normal business at Bay Printing on Wednesday, August 2, when teenagers started causing trouble.

Alison Jacobs, administrator at Bay Printing, told the Press: “At first I heard quite a lot of noise coming from outside the business and when I went to look there was youngsters throwing stones and generally going crazy.

“I went out to tell them to quiet down and they responded with very abusive language, making sexual connotations and then by throwing stones at me.

“The owner, Mark, then went out to confront them and they ran away but one came back with a steel pole and hammered on the door.”

Families in Dalgety Bay have been complaining to local councillors about anti-social behaviour in the town this week at a community council meeting.

The new skatepark at the sports centre, which only opened a few months ago, seems to have been a hotspot for trouble in recent weeks along with the Co-op on Sales Avenue.

Alison added: “I was absolutely shocked at the language coming out of such young kids, they could have only been about 12 or 13.

“It was a scary situation and these youngsters seem to be out of control. I mean it was only about half 12 in the afternoon and customers were in the shop at the time.

“One lady just managed to close the door in time before the youngster came back and started bashing the door.

“If they had got in then I don’t know what would have happened.

“You don’t expect that when you go to work and it’s sad because for a couple of days after I just didn’t want to leave the door open.

“Since then I have had messages from one family in the area saying these youngsters had also targeted their house smashing windows and another saying they had tormented their daughter.

“They just don’t seem to care.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Fife are investigating an incident of anti-social behaviour at a business premises in Dalgety Bay on Wednesday 2nd August.

“Local officers are currently following a positive line of inquiry.”

Councillor Alice McGarry said: “Police have been quite supportive of Bay Printing and it is a very unfortunate situation.

“It must have been particularly frightening for the staff.

“The skatepark seems to have been a magnet for some untoward behaviour but I’m hopeful that it will be calming down now that school is starting. 

“However, the police have assured me that incidents in Dalgety Bay are few and far between.”