DOMINO'S Pizza is coming to Dalgety Bay as part of a £4million development.

The firm will operate a takeaway and delivery service – it'll also offer seating for customers to eat on the premises – on a site at the entrance to the town.

Screwfix are also part of amended plans tabled by the Scarborough Muir Group (SMG), who already have permission to build an Aldi supermarket and a Marston's Inn restaurant.

Their Dalgety Bay Gateway redevelopment will take place on four acres of land at Ridge Way, in Donibristle Industrial Estate, where the Fleming Building used to stand.

It has been demolished and the site cleared in preparation for redevelopment.

A statement on behalf of SMG, who also own land at Rosyth waterfront, said Dalgety Bay Community Council had been kept advised of the amended proposals.

It said: "Feedback to date has been positive with a desire to see the site redeveloped and rejuvenated as an important gateway into Dalgety Bay."

They've previously stated that the gateway project could create up to 100 jobs and that the plans attracted "significant local support".

SMG, who have owned the site since 2007, received planning permission from Fife Council for an Aldi store, Marston's pub / restaurant, drive-thru coffee shop / restaurant and business unit in 2015.

But they have now submitted amended proposals and a fresh planning application, while a new legal agreement will be required.

The Aldi store element of their plans is unchanged, it will go ahead as scheduled and is not part of the amended proposals.

The drive-thru coffee / restaurant has been "deleted" and a unit for class 6 use with ancillary trade counter – to be used by Screwfix Direct – will replace the class 4 business unit.

Minor changes to the class 3 commercial units are proposed to allow a hot food takeaway use, by Domino's, and the layout of the Marston's restaurant has been altered slightly.

If the mixed development is approved, and these are essentially minor amendments to plans that have already been given the go-ahead, eight units in total will be built.

SMG said Marston's "family pub restaurants" create between 40-45 full- and part-time jobs and their Dalgety Bay unit would occupy the south west corner of the site.

The second 'gateway' building will be occupied by Aldi, at the north-west corner. The other units will be along the eastern boundary.

There will be two class 6 units, both with an ancillary trade counter, with one to be operated by Screwfix Direct and an as yet unnamed firm in the other unit.

There will then be a smaller parade of four class 3 commercial units, one to operate as a coffee shop and one as a hot food takeaway, with Domino's the only named firm.

A report by Fife Council, in 2015, warned that the development could create a “second town centre” and draw customers away from existing shops.

Service manager Mary Stewart had admitted there was a “difficult balance between competing issues” but that the “economic benefits of the scheme are significant”.