A TEENAGER attempted to gouge another woman's eyes after a night out in Dunfermline.

Megan Taylor, 19, had argued over Facebook about comments her victim had made regarding the death of her girlfriend's mum and decided to confront her when she saw her.

In a separate incident, Dunfermline Sheriff Court was told that she attacked a car with a spade after an argument about the treatment of dogs.

The attack on the woman happened when Taylor grabbed her by the throat, pushed her to the ground while kicking and punching her to the face and head.

She then straddled her victim and put her fingers into the eye sockets in an attempt to gouge her eyes.

Depute fiscal Ms Rennie said when interviewed by police, Taylor admitted the assault.

She explained her girlfriend's mum had passed away last year and the woman who she had attacked had said her death had been karma.

"They had been arguing over Facebook and when up town, late in the night, she had seen her, she went up to her and asked her what it was about and then started arguing and fighting," said Ms Rennie.

"She said it should not have happened. It was just the drink. When asked if she was sorry for her actions, she said yes."

Taylor, whose address was given in court as Orrin Grove, Dalgety Bay, admitted that on March 4 at Maygate, she assaulted the woman when she seized her by the neck, pushed her to the ground, repeatedly kicked and punched her on the head and pressed her fingers into the woman's eye socket, all to her injury.

She also admitted a charge that on July 8, at Orrin Grove, she behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly shouting and swearing and throwing household objects.

On July 8, at Orrin Grove, she also, without reasonable excuse, wilfully damaged property belonging to another by repeatedly striking a car with a spade, causing damage to it.

The second incident took place after Taylor and her girlfriend had been drinking at a barbecue at their home. An argument started about how Taylor was treating the girlfriend's dogs which led to picture frames, a candle holder and a lamp being thrown.

Police were called and when Taylor saw their vehicle, she said "I may as well make it worth my while" and struck her girlfriend's car with a spade, causing £400 worth of damage.

Defence solicitor Elaine Buist said following the second incident, her client had stopped drinking at home. The relationship was still ongoing and her girlfriend was quite supportive.

For the nightclub assault, Sheriff Alastair Thornton placed Taylor on a community payback order requiring her to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work within six months. For the later offence, he placed her under supervision for 12 months.