A ROMANIAN rescue dog who ran off just 90 minutes after meeting her new owner has been hit by a car.

Pollyanna, 3, is now recovering from major surgery in Edinburgh, costing £8,000 in vet bills, and a group of Fife animal lovers have set up an appeal to help raise the necessary funds.

The mixed breed got herself into the sticky situation after she slipped off her lead at Carol Armour's home in Hillend, an hour and a half after she arrived.

She paid for Pollyanna and her friend Stella to come to the UK after rescuing them from the streets of Romania.

Isobel Brown, from the Fife branch of dog enthusiast group Dana's Angels who launched the online appeal, told the Press: "Pollyanna had been living in a shelter since November last year. She's a very nervous dog and only seemed to take to another dog, Stella, so Carole paid for them to both come over.

"She was only at her new home for 90 minutes before she escaped. We then spent the next four weeks tracking her but as soon as you went near she bolted.

"We worked in teams day and night, but unfortunately one day she ran out in front of car and sustained massive injuries."

Pollyanna was rushed to a vet after breaking a hip, her pelvis, ribs and legs but luckily she had no internal damage.

Carole was consulted as to whether the pooch should be put down but wanted to give Pollyanna a second chance at life.

The chance seems to have paid off as two weeks on the dog has just managed to get up on her feet.

Isobel added: "It's amazing considering she had only been given a 10 per cent chance of survival.

"We're hoping she might get home some time in the next week but to help Carol out we've set up a crowdfunding page.

"She's a lovely woman who has rescued five dogs from Romania now.

"The vets have been amazed at Pollyanna's resilience and we can't wait for her and Stella to be reunited now!"

Anyone wishing to donate can visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/isobel-brown