Around 50 pupils from the school took part in the junior races, running either the 1.5K or 2K route around Holyrood Park.

Principal teacher Karen Hopkins said, “It was an excellent event, there was a great buzz and an exciting atmosphere, a real family atmosphere. It was great to see the wee ones running. All the children enjoyed it – they had their Duloch banner and got medals and runners’ t-shirts. It was a great day for the whole community to come together.

“The weather was great on the day and some of the children were excited to get their photo taken with Grant Stott!

“There were hundreds of children running so it was great we had more than 50 runners from P2 to P7 who took part in either the 1.5K or 2K races. We had some very good runners who put in very competitive times, around eight minutes for the 2K.” It’s the second time the school has taken part in the event and Mrs Hopkins believes that it will continue to be successful in the future.

“Last year, a parent suggested to me that it was something the school and the children might want to get involved in and it was a great success,” she said.

“It’s important to the school community to do things like this. It’s not just from 9am-3.05pm, there are events at the weekends too.

“Everyone pulled together and it will probably become an annual event.”