That’s the view of Dunfermline councillor Helen Law, who is planning to meet Fife Council’s head of transportation to discuss the issue.

The call comes after the City of Dunfermline area committee backed plans for a £3000 traffic regulation order (TRO) to introduce ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions in Sandpiper Drive.

Last year, the Press reported problems with lorries parked on the road, effectively reducing the route to one-way and significantly reducing visibility. Dunfermlime MSP Cara Hilton said at the time that getting down Sandpiper Drive safely was “like playing a game of Russian roulette”, while motorists raised safety concerns about the HGV parking and selfish drivers going over grass verges to park on the footways along the road, obstructing the footway and damaging verges.

Residents also raised concerns about drivers loitering around the area and urinating in public and Cllr Law said that the solution had to be a new lorry park.

“There are no facilities for the drivers and I don’t think it’s right that they can be driving the length of the country for hours and be left with no facilities,” she said. “It makes it very difficult for them but also for council operatives who have to go and clear up at the back of them with litter and so on.” In April last year, the area committee approved double yellow lines on Sandpiper Drive but gaps were left in the restrictions to allow a manageable level of parking provision to help avoid overspill into residential areas or other roads where it would compromise safety.

Although the number of drivers obeying these regulations has been “relatively high”, the committee decided that to address safety concerns about vehicles parking in two of the gaps near a bend in the road, the gaps in question should be closed up with double yellow lines, keeping the whole road clear around the bend but maintaining parking either side.

Cllr Law said she was pleased that the committee approved the new restrictions but said more needed to be done.

“We desperately need a lorry park for the area,” she said. “We need to move things forward so that traffic can flow freely and to minimise disruption to other drivers and residents.

“The appropriate facilities need to be available for lorry drivers who have often come a very long distance.

“There are a number of issues that need to be resolved around Dunfermline’s new status as key centre for both distribution and return of goods.

“I plan to meet with the head of transportation to pick up these points to see what else we can do.” She added that it made “absolute sense” for a new lorry park to work together in a complex for both Amazon and Royal Mail.