LADIES from Queen Anne High School came together for a very special reunion last week. 

Classmates who attended the school from 1949-52 have all celebrated their 80th birthdays this year. 

The group, who started meeting 16 years ago after an advert in the Press, have had former pupils travel all the way from Australia for their get-togethers to reminisce on their former days. 

Irene Healy, 80, of St Margaret Wynd, said: “It all started when I was talking with my friend, Dorothy, about the idea when we were 64. 

“I had already tried to do something when I was 60 but nothing came of it.

"This time we put an advert in the Press which included a photo of us all when we were 13. 

“We had a letter from a classmate living in Canada and one lady flew all the way from Australia for our very first reunion. 

“People come from all over the country and it’s just lovely. We chat away like we’ve never been away from each other!”

When the ladies attended Queen Anne, boys and girls were still separated. 

Reminiscing on their time at the school, Irene added: “They were quite strict on us in those days! We seemed to be belted for next to nothing!

“Coupons were still used after the Second World War and we would all go the shop around the corner and share out whatever we could manage to get. 

“When we met for the first time we recognised everybody even after all these years!”