CCTV operators witnessed a man being assaulted on Dunfermline High Street. 

Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday that although the victim lashed out first, Stewart Bernard then punched him and a struggle began between the pair.

Bernard, 36, of The Barony, East Wemyss, previously admitted that on July 15, at High Street, Dunfermline, he did assault a male and did repeatedly punch, kick and stamp on his body to his injury.

Depute fiscal Jane Rennie explained: "At around 9.30-10pm, witnesses who knew the accused were hanging around on the High Street. 

"The accused ran up to one of the witnesses and, believing he was going to be assaulted, lashed out and struck the accused on the chest.

"The accused then punched the witness which caused him to fall on the ground. 

"The pair began struggling with each other and the accused started hitting out with his right foot, kicking the complainer backwards."

When Sheriff Alison McKay asked for clarification, the court was told that the pair had both fallen down in the fight and Bernard had stood up to kick the complainer. 

Bernard and the victim squared up to each other before walking away in different directions. 

CCTV operators reported the incident to the police. 

When traced by the police, Bernard asked why the victim was not also in custody and said: "He was the one that assaulted me."

Defence solicitor Ian Beaton told the court the reason for his behaviour was that an ex-partner had been making accusations about Mr Bernard and the witness was talking about that. 

"The complainer was quite aggressive, and Bernard retaliated," he said. 

"He has been attempting to turn around his life but he realises that this will put him back."

Sentence was deferred until December for GP reports.